Here are a selected list of bookmarks I’ve found important and useful throughout the years.


  • Move Fast, Don’t Break the API – Amber Feng, Stripe The Stripe API helped usher in a new era of REST APIs – it is one of the best in the business – and in this video Amber Feng describes how they maintain it and add new features without breaking backward compatibility.
  • REST APIs With Symfony This article is slightly outdated (though it appears to be updated from time to time) and provides a good primer for building a REST API with Symfony.

Web and PHP Development

General Computer Science

  • How I Wrote Game Programming Patterns Though I am not a game programmer, I have been following Bob Nystrom while writing his book “Game Programming Patterns” since his original announcement. The design is crisp and clean, the writing is approachable, and I love the hand drawn illustrations. Everything about his book is great art.
  • Microservices Reality Check Now that REST API craze has reached a peak high, we are entering the world of microservices. What a microservice is really hasn’t been defined – regardless they were made popular by Netflix. This is a good article that gives some pros and cons of building a microservice infrastructure.
  • Easy cluster parallelization with ZeroMQ
  • Vim After Eleven Years


  • Big Data: Are We Making a Big Mistake? This is the essay that originally got me interested in pursusing Big Data and attempting to understand more about large scale databases. At one point I wanted to position Bright March as the Big Data leaders in Dallas, but it did not pan out like I had planned.
  • CryptDB I wish this worked with Postgres, it is certainly an interesting concept.
  • Full Text Search in Milliseconds With PostgreSQL I have used Postgres’ full text search and it is fantastic – especially if you don’t need the fancy features of ElasticSearch or Solr. This is a very good article on how to index and search millions of records very quickly.
  • Using Logs to Build Solid Data Infrastructure This is an incredibly in depth article (with very helpful illustrations) that distill complex topics into simple solutions. I do not agree about using GET only for your APIs, but I do like the idea of appending everything to a log and letting a broker pass out the tasks. I am guilty of writing to a DB and cache at the same time in some of my apps – and this article argues for a better alternative. This post made me immediately purchase Martin’s book as well.
  • Zero-downtime Postgres migrations – the hard parts
  • PostgreSQL Tips If you use PostgreSQL a lot, this is a great resource for learning how to do little tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Scaling Redis at Twitter
  • Pagination in Postgres
  • Postgres Job Queues Low trafficked applications can take advantage of Postgres as a job queue. However, using a database as a queue is generally frowned upon – it does not scale well or easily. This article goes into great detail about how Postgres as a job queue can degrade performance over time.