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Writing Functional Tests for Services in Symfony

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The dependency injector is an amazingly simple and flexible addition to Symfony, and one you should be using to properly structure your application. But what happens when you want to write a functional (or integration) test for a service that depends on another service? This article will show you an easy way to test complex services.

Interesting Technologies in 2016

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Staying on top of changes in technology is a nearly impossible task. I suspect this is why software engineers are so dogmatic about the tools they’ve chosen: after investing such a great deal of time and effort in learning them, new tools simply make them afraid of the unknown. Regardless, staying current with evolving technological changes is part of the job description.

2015 In Review

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2015 was a rough year for me (and my family). I’m glad it’s over and I’m excited about what 2016 will offer.

Book Review: Influx

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I have been a fan of Daniel Suarez since I first picked up a copy of Daemon at a local Half Price Books. Daemon still stands as his best work, but his latest book, Influx, is very close to it.

Unit Testing Your Service Layer is a Waste of Time

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Writing unit tests for your application’s service layer is a waste of your time and won’t strengthen your application any better than functional tests would. Writing functional tests that thoroughly test your application does what it says it will do correctly is a much better use of your resources.